write a syslinux MBR for USB-boot

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write a syslinux MBR for USB-boot

Postby gernot » 08 Feb 2011, 20:07

I have one PC who boot only from USB-Stick with a bootable MBR.
ms-sys -s write such a record.

It looks like there are more such PC .


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Re: write a syslinux MBR for USB-boot

Postby cfgnunes » 17 Feb 2011, 22:28

Hello Gernot,

Here, I'm make the USB boot manualy.

I follow this steps:

1- make an FAT32 in USB stick
2- install the syslinux (version 3.86) with command:
sudo ./syslinux /dev/sdc2
(/dev/sdc2 is my USB stick)
3- extract files from iso to USB stick
4- rename the file "isolinux.cfg" to "syslinux.cfg" (in folder isolinux)
5- rename the folder "isolinux" to "syslinux"
6- mark boot flag in partition

Cristiano Nunes

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