change predefined THTTP_DOCROOT

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change predefined THTTP_DOCROOT

Post by gernot » 24 Sep 2010, 10:56

in /etc/conf.d/thttpd is /livemnt/boot/ defined as THTTP_DOCROOT to enable pxeboot.

Sometime it would be nice to add some small files like autorun for http-distribution.

as default does the trick because its the aufs-side of /livemnt/boot/


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Re: change predefined THTTP_DOCROOT

Post by admin » 27 Sep 2010, 19:42

Thanks for that suggestion. It will be done in sysresccd-1.6.2-beta001

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Re: change predefined THTTP_DOCROOT

Post by virtuemart1 » 17 Mar 2013, 02:56

thttpd was the web server software package in the rescue disc,
there was NO apache in rescue disc but thttpd

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thttpd -d path
where path = directory folder where you put the files

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