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Questions and bug report

Post by Sithlord » 18 Mar 2008, 12:08


First, the bug :-)

The command "sysresccd-custom setkmap xx" makes the "setkmap=xx" accumulate in isolinux.cfg if used multiple times. I realized this by fine tuning my customized version of SysRescCD and reussing this command each time I was rebuilding the CD. Digging in sysrescd-custom shell script showed a simple "sed" command to replace "append" with "append setkmap=xx".

So, I suggest to change the actual sed command :

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sed -e "s:append:append setkmap=${KEYMAP}:g" /path/to/isolinux.cfg > ...
with :

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sed -r -e "s:setkmap=[a-z0-9]+ ::g ; s:append:append setkmap=${KEYMAP}:g" /path/to/isolinux.cfg > ...
Thus ensuring that only one version of "setkmap=xx" is present. Note: "-r" in sed is to activate entended regex.

Now the question :-)

In "/etc/init.d/autoconfig", there's a line "echo "6" > /proc/sys/kernel/printk" near the end and this puzzles me a bit. I know the idea is to revert to kernel default (as "0" is set at the start of the function) but :

1/ It invalidates any related setting we do in /etc/sysctl.conf (It took me quite some time to find out why my setting wasn't taken in account in the boot process while working perfectly in command line)

2/ It seems to me this a bit useless to get debug info right on the console as syslog-ng is configured to use vt12 as a permanent realtime "log viewer".

3/ Consequence of 2 : It messes up the output of commands when kernel or syslog have something to report

So, is it really necessary to keep this line in /etc/init.d/autoconfig ?

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Post by admin » 18 Mar 2008, 13:55

Thanks for all your useful comment, I will investigate around it. The sysresccd-custom fix is ready for 1.0.1-beta7. And the /etc/init.d/autoconfig script do not change the printk settings anymore.

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