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Booting Multi

Post by LinuxNewby » 14 Feb 2008, 15:24

Hey there!
I have a Problem with burning with a SystemRescueCD on a SystemRescueCD with docatch option.
I made the CD linke the tutorial from this side and changed some parts with a isobrowser.

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x=$(cdrecord dev=3,0,0 -msinfo)
mkisofs -J -R -f -o /mnt/myiso/s2.iso -C $x -M 3,0,0 /mnt/cd_image
cdrecord -v -tao speed=20 dev=3,0,0 -multi -nofix /mnt/myiso/s2.iso
By doing this i become a Errormessage:
Previous session has volume set size 0 must be 1
unable to find previous session PVD '3,0,0'
Now i changed the Volume set to 1 with MagicISO. Now my new CD do not Boot anymore, or it boot, stop and echo:
Multiple-Image CDROM. select Boot Entrue 0-/:0
After pressing the Enter button my System Start from HDA and do not boot From CD-ROM.
Now my Problem is, I can't boot or I can't burn now.
I googled, but didn't find somone with the same Problem.
Is there a setting i have to do, to boot from other Direction? or should I set the ID in the Jolit else then in the ISO 9660. And what have the ID to do with the Sice :o.
And do someone know a komplex editor for ISO-Files under Linux?
I am realy confused, i hope you can give me some advice.
so far

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