Please add app-misc/binwalk

Post there if an important software is missing and has to be added
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Please add app-misc/binwalk

Post by ryper » 29 Aug 2016, 02:35


I was wondering if you could add app-misc/binwalk to sysrescueCD. It is not very large and it is very useful for people who need to extract their initramfs from their kernel (as I also did from sysrescuecd's kernel. As my (encrypted) LUKS key is inside my initramfs and my initramfs is in my kernel, I need this to be able to extract my encrypted key to thus be able to decrypt my root partition when in a live environment.

$ equery size binwalk
* app-misc/binwalk-2.0.1
Total files : 220
Total size : 1.85 MiB

Please let me know if this would be possible.


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