UEFI: Add ia32 boot loader (grub)

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UEFI: Add ia32 boot loader (grub)

Post by dess » 16 Sep 2015, 15:15

The Problem

There are many PC-based (Intel-based mostly) tablets sold for the moment. (And, as it seems to me, considering price of 100-200 USD, they tend to become the most widespread PC type in the whole.)

They are mostly equipped with 32-bit UEFI-only (no CSM support) firmware (since they - mostly - have >4GB RAM and 64-bit Windows unnecessary and too heavy for them, but 32-bit Windows can't boot from 64-bit UEFI).

As a result many current distributions are unbootable for this tablets. (From known [to me] exceptions is just Clonezilla.)


While there's possible workaround (copy any standalone EFI-bootloader - such as rEFInd, GRUB2, etc. - to /EFI/boot manually), the it's just add x86-version of EFI GRUB package to distribution). This will require a very little efforts, but the distribution will benefit greatly. (As a temporary measure any 32-bit EFI bootloader could be added.)

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