Possible to recreate a boot partition

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Possible to recreate a boot partition

Post by jamarsh » 13 Jun 2016, 17:10

I have been using Ubuntu 14.04 and wanted to upgrade to the latest long term support version 16.04. I created a separate partition so I could test the new version. My mistake was installing the new OS and overwriting the boot partition. I ran a command "update-grub" but it was unable to recognize the old OS. I tried using a boot repair program (can't remember name) which seemed to mess up both operating systems. At present, I have reinstalled the latest version of Ubuntu.

I have an FS Archiver backup of my original Ubuntu OS, but I do not have a backup of the boot partition. Is there a program or method to reconstruct the the boot sector so that I can recover my original OS, Ubuntu 14.04?

I am considering the following course of action:
1. Remove the new OS - 16.04
2. Use FS Archiver to restore the old OS - 14.04
3. Run "update-grub" to recognize 14.04
4. Reinstall 16.04 without using a separate boot partition.

I went through this process in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the new OS and eventually abandon the old one. Instead, it has turned out to be far more complicated and mess than I imagined.

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Re: Possible to recreate a boot partition

Post by gernot » 13 Jun 2016, 17:46

If you lost the boot partition with the /boot directory it is possible you lost also the kernel and the initrd.
That is bad, but you find this files on your first time install medium. In this case just copy the files into 14.04s /boot

To boot the broken system insert sysresccd, run floppy_images->Supergrubdisk.

Then selecct detect any OS... Boot the system to repair.

May be you have to reinstall grub and Kernel from there.

p.s. you dont need a Boot partition if you use a common filesystem.


p.s. not full tested. Never lost kernel and initrd, but reconstructed boot many times.

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