ideas for upcoming versions

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ideas for upcoming versions

Post by tedanu83 » 23 Jun 2015, 08:40

Dear SystemRescueCD team,

today I want to to write some comments about my last weekend while I'm working with your distribution (version 4.5.2 [x86]) onto an old personal-computer (CPU: Intel Pentium 3 (1 GHz); RAM: 512 MB). These are some ideas for upcoming versions:
  • A Manual, Quick Start Guide is missing for every application: At the working location was no Internet present, so I 'm working offline. A Manual included onto the CD or something else would be very helpful.
  • A description, guide or manual for every application is missing: What can I do with this application and how?
  • After loading up the GUI (startx) there is always a terminal open but why? A welcome screen with the manual or "first steps" would be better.
  • Add a description for every application for the start-menu.
  • Why are three "Commanders" present (MC, spaceFM, emelFM)? One is enough.
  • FreeDOS image booting not possible (Error message: interrupt divide by zero, stack: 0012 FFFF 0206 0000 ...).
  • Why do I need the application FLUID?
  • I missed two applications: Image Viewer and Calculator.
  • Please create a better desktop style (icons, colors, cursor, wallpaper ...). The font size is very small.
  • Activate read/write support for ntfs or other filesystems from the start.
Thanks for your feedback.
Best regards

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Re: ideas for upcoming versions

Post by nickalreadytaken » 24 Jun 2015, 18:36

xcalc should be available. midori can be used to display images.

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