Screen size matters on functionality of Qemu guest

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Screen size matters on functionality of Qemu guest

Post by base0 » 25 Jul 2014, 02:33

This does not seem to me to be an especially significant or problematic issue, but I wanted to mention it regardless. Moreover, so far as I have seen, it appears only with a guest VM on the KVM/Qemu hypervisor. I have not seen it occur with other hypervisor systems even though I have used it with others in a similar way.

If a guest window is sized smaller than a desktop resolution setting in SystemRescueCD OS, when I move the cursor to a position outside the window of the guest and then return it to the guest, the keyboard typing no longer functions correctly in the guest. In a few cases input even quit working altogether from the keyboard, and that input coming from a mouse click also malfunctioned, though to a lesser extent. Although I could still see the cursor, it became necessary to move the cursor outside the window in order to reboot the guest again. If I stopped the guest and first resized the window to a larger value than what its default resolution called for, then this problem did not arise at all.

So, it appears as if SystemRescueCD OS does not like being larger than the size of desktop allowed to it based on the resolution of a guest window. I hope the terminology I used did not muddy my explanation.

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Re: Screen size matters on functionality of Qemu guest

Post by digifuzzy » 27 Oct 2014, 12:29

Not to necro-post....
I ran across a similar situation this weekend using SysResCD in QEMU.

I found that the default for QEMU was to use PS/2 mouse/keyboard. This caused the mouse to do all sorts of very weird things making usage of SysResCD almost impossible.

I found that if you change the QEMU mouse and keyboard settings to usb, things work normally.

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qemu-system-[arch] [options] -usb -usbdevice mouse -usbdevice keyboard [image name]
ref: QEMU manual: 3.10 USB emulation

Hope this helps!

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