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how to restore erased file

Posted: 04 Mar 2007, 17:36
by terry brian
Please, can you help me recover erased files? They were on NTFS. Files are vital to me so I need maximum chances utility to bring them back.

Posted: 04 Mar 2007, 17:57
by admin
Foremost is a program to recover files, and it is provided with SysRescCd-0.3.3: And there is magicrescue too. Maybe it may help you.

Posted: 08 Mar 2007, 04:18
by sterilizer
[email protected] Undelete can help you. This is a powerful tool that can create it's own boot disk to launch and recover even if OS is down.

Posted: 16 Apr 2007, 22:18
by Juzeppe
If the problem is still here, use ARAX Disk Doctor, this good recovery soft will help