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Post by Joelapache » 26 Jun 2008, 20:22

I've seen this one, but it was to run a TFTP, DHCP, PXE server with SysrescueCd.

But the challenge is a bit harder for my part.
They want to run a SystemRescue from network with TFTP32.
And just to use Partimage and "paste" an ISO on clients.

I've never done this, I'm used to run kickstart or atftpd but just to install distros and not to run those by network :/

Any ideas?

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Post by Joelapache » 27 Jun 2008, 12:42

Apparently, it's very important to use the syslinux version found on the Sysresccd CD-ROM

Now it works.

Here an helper for those who get the same error message than me.

Copy all the isolinux content into the root of your tftp
Then grab the pxelinux.0, sysrcd.dat and sysrcd.md5 from the archive in syslinux directory to the root of your tftp.

Here an example of the default conf file:

Code: Select all

default recovery
timeout 10
prompt 1
display f1boot.msg
F1 f1boot.msg
F2 f2images.msg
F3 f3params.msg
F4 f4arun.msg
F5 f5troubl.msg
F6 f6pxe.msg
F7 f7net.msg

label recovery
    kernel rescuecd
    append initrd=initram.igz ar_source= autoruns=no ethx= netboot=tftp:// cdroot dns= gateway= setkmap=fr

label serial
    kernel rescuecd
    append initrd=initram.igz autoruns=no console=ttyS0,9600 cdroot netboot=tftp:// dns= gateway= setkmap=fr

label bootfromdisk
    localboot 0x80

Don't forget to setup your httpd server.
I've used an alias for my part.
/tftp just point to the tftp root directory.

Hope it helps...
Thanks for the advice fdupoux.

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