How to mount(?) thumb drive?

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How to mount(?) thumb drive?

Post by km4hr » 14 Sep 2016, 13:50

I want to copy files from a windows partition to a usb thumb drive but the file manager doesn't automatically recognize the thumb drive when I plug it in. How do I make the thumb drive accessible so I can copy files to it?

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Re: How to mount(?) thumb drive?

Post by vanepp » 16 Sep 2016, 05:33

While I may be misunderstanding the question, I think we probably have a non Linux person who needs instructions for using mount.
The simple (but not necessarily useful :-) ) answer is from a command prompt or xterm type

mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/custom

which mounts a USB key on my system (on /dev/sdd1) on directory /mnt/custom. This isn't necessarily useful because you need to know what device the USB key is in /dev. For me, not a problem because I know what devices I usually have and the new one is likely what I want. Since it sounds like you are running X (and if not startx should get you there) then run gparted. It will think for a while and then display a list of the disks on your system. In the top right corner is a pull down menu that lets you cycle through the disks. You should be able to identify the USB key either by its label or by its size (it is likely smaller than your standard disks). Gparted will then tell you its name is (for instance) /dev/sdd1 to use in the mount command. When you are done you need to

umount /mnt/custom

to properly close the file system before exiting (in theory shutdown will do this for you but I never trust it).

Peter Van Epp

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