Error loading binary keymap

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Error loading binary keymap

Post by Jabberwock » 05 Jun 2010, 12:41

Russian utf console keymap loads partialy from initramfs
When I apply install3 script from topic "Cyrrilisation of System Rescue CD" line

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loadkeys "$RUS/keymaps/$MAP" && cd $TMP/lib/keymaps/ && $TMP/bin/busybox dumpkmap >$MAP && cp $MAP $NMAP && cp "$RUS/keymaps/keymapList" "$TMP/lib/keymaps/"
should load unicode keymap and dump it to binary keymap format for busybox.
(In $TMP I extract initramfs)

After reboot I select ru-utf layout from busybox menu, boot SRCD.
Small russian letters togles OK, but I cant switch to big (shifted) ones.
When i run

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loadkeys ru-utf
in console I can toggle to russian uppercase letters.
loadkeys fr
tmp/bin/busybox loadkmap < tmp/lib/keymaps/
Russian in lowercase only

Is any way to edit binary keymap without "busybox dumpkmap"?

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Re: Error loading binary keymap

Post by admin » 23 Jun 2010, 15:01

Sorry for long delay. If you just recreate the russian keymap and send it to me I will upload the official file. ... y_keyboard
You have to run busybox on a system with the right keymap anyway.

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