sfdisk 2.26.2 bug breaks MS Windows boot

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sfdisk 2.26.2 bug breaks MS Windows boot

Post by rknichols » 05 Jul 2016, 23:20

The sfdisk 2.26.2 in SystemRescueCD 4.7.1 and 4.8.0 always generates a random disk identifier when restoring a partition table from a dump file. This means that after running

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sfdisk -d /dev/sda >sda.part.out
sfdisk /dev/sda <sda.part.out
MS Windows installations on that disk will fail to boot (error code 0xc000000e) because the disk identifier in the MBR no longer matches what is recorded in the registry. Windows automatic repair tools will fail to correct this problem.

Older versions (2.19.1 from sysresccd 2.4.0) and newer versions (2.28 from Fedora 23) do not exhibit this problem.

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