Recovery of Linux partitions and MBR

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Recovery of Linux partitions and MBR

Post by B727 » 18 Nov 2015, 21:13

I have a Dell laptop with Kubuntu 14.04 LTS. I went to install BSD to a new unformatted partition that was blank, but I forgot to format it first. The BSD install started to take over the whole hard drive, so I aborted the install. When I did, I believe it destroyed the MBR but the Linux partitions and data are still there. I tried to restart and get 1234F no OS. I previously backed up my install using sbackup onto a Passbook USB drive. I used the sysrescuecd and was only able to get the previous install to work using partimage and without networking. I tried other programs on the cd but none worked. I do not know how to restore what partimage presented, which only ran off of the rescue cd. Do I have to mount something or do I have to make a new Linux install and use the Passbook to backup? I know enough to make me dangerous, but given the steps I am confident I can get it back up and running. I cannot find a clear answer as to how to recover from my error using the rescue cd. Thanks.

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Re: Recovery of Linux partitions and MBR

Post by gernot » 19 Nov 2015, 07:16

Try to boot your linux system and run "grub-install /dev/sda" if sda is the system drive.

Use supergrubdisk to boot the unbootable system. supergrubdisk is a Floppyimage on systemrescuecd.
You can boot supergrubdisk via the srcd bootmenue.

There are also other ways like chroot, but this is the quickest.


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