Possible File System Identification Bug in Partimage

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Possible File System Identification Bug in Partimage

Post by Ruler » 29 Jul 2009, 19:43

I believe that I may have discovered a bug in partimage.

A PC died the other day and I've been getting a new one ready. Before putting a machine in use, I *always* save an image with partimage so that when the sales people screw up windoze, it's quick and easy for me to put back to a working state. It's become invaluable to me, especially since I built 90% of the computers for my employer, using identical hardware.

The new box is a Dell with a single 80 gig SATA drive. There's no problem reading it, mounting the boot drive with either ntfs-3g or read-only with mount. fdisk -l shows the file system correctly as being type 07. However, partimage identifies it as being reiserfs-3.6 and bombs out when trying to save an image with an invalid parameter error message. The same thing happens if I use the command line instead of the GUI. Since other tools have no trouble recognizing the file system as being NTFS, it's my belief that there's a small problem with partimage with how it determines the file system type on the drive.

I've re-installed windoze XP several times, deleting the partition and re-creating it during the install process, but have had no success in getting partimage to save an image of the drive. I even re-sized and relocated the partition using gparted, but this had no effect either. I've saved the output of a variety of commands as well as a binary dump of the first 50 meg of both the drive itself and the partition so that the structure causing the problem can be reproduced if somebody is willing to troubleshoot. (I don't know where the partition table/file system information is stored in relation to the beginning of the drive/partition. I assume I'm safe with 50 meg, but can truncate the file to save download time if you wish - just let me know how much is needed.)

As a last resort, I did a binary over-write of the first gig of the drive using dd with a source of /dev/zero. This wiped out everything in the first gig, after which I installed XP yet again. Partimage then correctly identified the partition as NTFS.

I tried using version 1.2.1 and version 1.1.6 of the system rescue CD - both had identical results.

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