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Please add USB3.0 kernel driver to initram (during boot)

Posted: 18 Jan 2017, 17:04
by vmark
Please add uas.ko (uas.ko.gz) kernel module (link) to initram.igz.

With this option users could boot from USB3.0 drive.
In my project I created a SystemRescueCD to an 1TB external hard drive where one partition (data) was NTFS and other is SYSRESCD (boot) with FAT32.
These drives nowadays almost exclusively with USB3.0
From "read me" I realized this project will not be a 1 min project...
But instead of 10 mins installing (what I expected, because I had to make "everything" manually - double checking what to do from,
I did the task for many hour, due to
- understand why boots half from external drive but cannot finish
- realize and confirm that initram.igz had lack of USB3.0
- create an appropriate initram.igz (BTW I was not able to create a working initram with total repack - my laptop has Ubuntu 15.10, so I just added some files to the existing initram.igz)
...and I did all of this because of missing one common kernel module.

I searched through forum - manually and via google.
There was plenty error due to this USB3.0 non-support.