Workaround for secure boot [TIPP]

Post in this forum for problems at boot time, if there was no problem for burning the disc. For example can't find the CD, or strange errors when you press enter at the very first prompt.
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Workaround for secure boot [TIPP]

Post by bertrandogoio1976 » 13 Oct 2016, 08:45



Perhaps many of you already tried this solution, but there's a workaround. Yes, a workaround, not a definitive solution. But it works perfectly!
I Use this way because Yumi or other tools are good but, if they allows UEFI boot, you need to disable secure boot anyway.

Ok, the workaround is not for SRCD only, but for all those ISOs that are UEFI compatible but not secureboot. Nowadays, the only secureboot live CD I tried are the Ubuntu based like Clonezilla, C.A.I.N.E. and Parted Magic... (and Ubuntu itself of course).

Ok, if you want to make SRCD bootable without disabling secure boot you can use Easy2Boot, the most professional multiboot USB creator. Not for newby but no so difficult as it looks.

On E2B official website, they explain how to create a standard USB for traditional systems (old BIOS). But if you want, there's a way to turn your ISOs into another kind of image with ".imgPTN" extension. This will allow you to boot UEFI compatible (and sometimes NOT UEFI compatible too) overriding secure boot.

Standard and UEFI/SECUREBOOT compatible modes are the two faces of this tool: the only disadvantage is that you have to boot them one by one like a dual boot. In other words, you can boot the standard way like in Yumi; if you want to boot the UEFI way you choose a .imgPTN but if you reboot you will find you usb only with the last (imgPTN) tool you have just booted. To come back to the main menu you have to double click on a dedicated .exe you will find in the USB or, once booted, go to the first voice of the menu and E2B will show again the whole list of your ISOs.

Eg: assume you have 10 ISOs and System rescue CD imgPTN on the main menu. If you Start System Rescue CD, you can use it normally but when you reboot you will have System Rescue CD only, unless you come back to the main menu as described above.

WARNING! To launch imgPTN from the main menu you must be on Legacy and disable secureboot. BUT if once you run a img.PTN it will reboot on the same img.PTN (the last you booted) until you decide to switch to the first menu. So, if you want to use it as a UEFI multiboot it can be bothering, especially if you don't have a switch for UEFI/Legacy and/or secure boot or if the switch is more complicated that a mere "one click". But if you want to use it with one program like System Rescue CD, you will keep the imgPTN boot and it will work like a charm.

The bad thing is that you have to use one USB for each program, but if you need a particular program you will be happy with Easy2Boot. Nowadays is the best solution. Also remember that if you boot the standard (MBR) way you will have a yumi-like menu like a traditional multi-boot USB.

REMEMBER! .imgPTN images works on old (MBR) PCs too! The only thing of System Rescue CD you will not find in the UEFI mode is the "floppy menu". But it's not a issue: on UEFI PCs it will be no use. But if you boot the same image on a traditional PC you will have the "floppy menu" again!

To create a Easy2Boot USB and to export ISO to imgPTN you can go on the official website and they will provide all the tutorials you need.


I use this solution and I'm happy with it. Easy2Boot is a great software and I think in the future it will be improved and perhaps they will find the way to boot everything in a standard menu.


Last Thing: you can create Easy2Boot both on Windows and Linux, but if you want to create imgPTN you need Windows. On Windows you can use the defrag tool, a must in case some ISO can't boot because they are not contiguous.

Well, Easy2Boot has other tools and options too I don't use. So, that's all folks! I hope this will help you!

Good Luck!


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