not recognizing USB memory sticks (with fix)

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Post by MikeV » 26 Nov 2013, 02:38

I have been successfully making SRCD bootable USB sticks for some time. Today, I bought some more USB sticks (same manufacturer and size) and the is failing to detect the new sticks.

I've traced the problem to is_dev_usb_stick() in where it checks for a "1" in /sys/block/${curdev}/removable.

The problem of identifying removable USB drives has been discussed previously (both from 2010): ... f=5&t=3211 ...
but with no apparent resolution.

This may be come a more pressing matter now since Microsoft has directed manufactures, via the Windows 8 Certification process, to now report USB sticks / drives as fixed drives. This appears to be part of the "Windows To Go" requirements (see option #2 at ... uters.aspx

The USB drives that I have are from SanDisk and you can see this quite clearly stated here:
with two notable quotes:
SanDisk is beginning production of flash drives configured as fixed disk in 2012 to meet new requirements for Windows 8 Certification.
NOTE: SanDisk does NOT support configuring flash drives as bootable device for running an OS.
I've been able to work around this in the short term by editing the script to not check for the "removable" attribute in /sys/block/${curdev}/removable.

Code: Select all

#if [ -f "${remfile}" ] && cat ${remfile} 2>/dev/null | grep -qF '1' \
#       && cat /sys/block/${curdev}/device/uevent 2>/dev/null | grep -qF 'DRIVER=sd'
if cat /sys/block/${curdev}/device/uevent 2>/dev/null | grep -qF 'DRIVER=sd'
It may be a timely because it looks like USB sticks with this "problem" are starting to make their way into the distribution channels and others will be experiencing this problem also.

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