depends on /mnt being writable

Post there if you have problem when downloading the iso, or burning it.
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Post by ressu » 01 Aug 2013, 06:09

From time to time I work with a system that has /mnt mounted as read only and it is a completely sane environment. on the other hand assumes that /mnt is writeable and doesn't do any proper sanity testing whether or not /mnt/usbstick directory can be created. This leads to the installation silently failing.

There are a few possible solutions here. One would be to alert the user that /mnt is readonly and the proper directory can't be created. Another would be to approach the situation like fsarchiver does. Create a unique temp directory (mktemp) and mount the stick under that directory. This works in all systems because temp is required to be writeable and that way we can simply avoid all such problems.

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