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by BobBib
17 Jun 2014, 19:56
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Topic: Bugtracker
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IMHO, using the forum in place of a bugtracker is a bit inconvenient for advanced users.

Why not to use a bugtracker on SourceForge? (If some issue is reported here on forums, it still can be linked to some bug there on bugtracker).
by BobBib
17 Jun 2014, 19:47
Forum: Future
Topic: should remove /mnt/usbstick that it created
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Re: should remove /mnt/usbstick that it created

I second that, "/mnt/usbstick" is a bit inconvenient. Why not "/media/usbstick"?
dhaines wrote:you might consider just using "mktemp -d" to always make a throwaway mountpoint
And this sounds even better.
by BobBib
17 Jun 2014, 19:37
Forum: Contributions
Topic: [patch] minor suggestions
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[patch] minor suggestions

What is the reason of using "/var/tmp" instead of just "/tmp"? 512 megabyte USB drives usually have a capacity lower than 512 MiB; as the SystemRescueCd files currently occupy less than 400 MiB (just slightly over 380 MiB), IMHO, 450 MiB would be sufficient. --- a/ +++ b/ ...
by BobBib
05 Jun 2014, 23:51
Forum: Beta versions (report a bug found in a beta)
Topic: Please update ddrescue
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Please update ddrescue

SystemRescueCd contains GNU ddrescue 1.16, while the latest stable version is 1.17 (and 1.18 is on its way):