DDrescue to Migrate Data - Partition Table Issue

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DDrescue to Migrate Data - Partition Table Issue

Post by shaggy3264 » 28 Nov 2010, 06:23


I apologize if this has been covered in a previous topic but I was unable to find it. I have created a ddrescue image (of a real hd) I want to migrate to a new harddrive (in vitualbox). I have ddrescue wrote the image to the new the virtual hard drive. Since the geometry is different the partitions are not found. If I run testdisk I can see the partitions and files, but testdisk will not let me write the partition table. I receive an invalid structure error.

How can I repair the partition table?

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Re: DDrescue to Migrate Data - Partition Table Issue

Post by gernot » 28 Nov 2010, 09:26

Make sure that you disable all partitions which overlap.
Only a eventally found extended Partition may overlap logical drives.

Also you cant have more then 4 primary partitions.
If you have more then 4 partitions set maximal 3 to primary the other to logical.

If this dont help show what testdisk find.

Here is a testdisk manual:


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