A problem reported with GParted, Parted 1.9.0 & newer kernel

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A problem reported with GParted, Parted 1.9.0 & newer kernel

Post by RobertCarnegie » 14 Nov 2009, 00:03

Apparently the Linux live CD of GParted 0.4.8 has being doing bad things to some people's disk partitioning, but not necessarily due to GParted itself. I suppose the issue may also affect the SystemRescueCD.


Curtis Gedak writes:

"The crux of the problem appears to be that when a change is made to the
partition table using GParted (libparted), the kernel is not aware of the
change. This causes problems when other utilities directly read the partition
table from the kernel and perform actions based on this view, which is
different than the one recently changed by GParted (libparted).

"To recreate symptoms of the problem use:
GParted 0.4.8 (the version does not seem to matter)
Parted 1.9.0
Linux 2.6.30 (the problem does not appear with 2.6.24)"

Do I correctly read that SystemRescueCD 1.3.2 has all of those? So...... don't use this version of the kernel / GParted / Libparted (the Parted API), if you DON'T want to recreate the problem??

The other point...... BACK. UP. YOUR. COMPUTER. They are not joking when they tell you to do that, particularly right before these interesting operations.

I already made a new Windows XP netbook quite unhappy by reckless partition changing - although not with this new issue. But I had a backup. The backup was on the same disk I had just mangled so... I won't do it that way again. But I HAD my backup. Eventually. ;-)

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Re: A problem reported with GParted, Parted 1.9.0 & newer kernel

Post by admin » 15 Nov 2009, 17:52

This problem is fixed in SystemRescueCd-1.3.3-beta2. Parted-1.9.0 has been patched.

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