Help with transferring windows to remote server

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Help with transferring windows to remote server

Post by georgiosd » 03 Nov 2009, 00:46

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to do this for days but have had zero success.

I've created a windows image with VirtualBox on my computer, which I then generalized with sysprep so that it will run on any hardware and re-configure itself and now I want to load this image on my remote server.

To do this, I used partimage to image the windows partition, and uploaded it to another server. The server has debian5 installed on it right now and so I copied sysresccd to the hd so that I am able to boot it also.

I changed the default LILO image to the sysresccd (with enabled ssh and root pass), connected with ssh and restored the image.

Linux is on /dev/sda3
Windows was restored on /dev/sda1

I also used partimage to restore the Bootloader from the image.

In the end the machine was left unbootable. I tried booting into Linux again and restoring LILO with no success and loads of problems.

How can I do this???


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