Load entire contents of SystemRescueCD into RAM on bootup

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Load entire contents of SystemRescueCD into RAM on bootup

Postby khermans » 05 Oct 2006, 16:26

I would like to be able to pop in a SystemRescueCD (usb booted version) into some machines and pull it out when all contents have been loaded into RAM so that I can use it on an entire rack. There is an autorun script that uses files from the /mnt/cdrom location (not in cloop), so hopefully there is a way to load those into RAM as well.

Basically, we assume all these machines have ~2/4GB of RAM, so it won't be an issue. And USB 2.0 transfers should allow this to load into RAM fairly quickly. Does anyone have an idea how to do that??? Thanks!!!
Kristian Hermansen

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Postby markmarques » 09 Mar 2007, 18:46

I think that option is already working as the "docache" option before boot.
It is in the F3 page I suppose.

although I do not know if is it working in the CD -> USB conversion.

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