Backup'ing a wrong partition size

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Backup'ing a wrong partition size

Postby Thorun » 14 Jun 2008, 10:12


I have used partimage and this rescue CD with great success the past few years. And allways without any problems.

Now i will backup my girlfriends computer and i can mount the ntfs-drive, locate the /dev/sda2 device and go to the partimage-part without problems .

But when i'm going to backup the C: , partimage tells me, that there is 42% used of the C: partition (25GB total). That is aprox. 10GB used space. But both in gparted and several other programs tells me, that there is only used ~5GB. Not 10 as partimage tells me.

After i have backed up the c:, my backup-file is comperessed with the middel-option - but contains 6GB of data.

Why isn't partimage registrering the right amount of used data?




The computer is an Acer Travelmate 5510.
Windows XP Pro as OS.
Newest version of System Rescue CD.
Using the startx-boot.

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Postby perham » 15 Jun 2008, 00:32

defragment the drive and check again. ntfs is very sophisticated and sometimes the linux tools are buggy upon it.

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