Boot freezes (after Unpacking hotplug firmware)

Post in this forum for problems at boot time, if there was no problem for burning the disc. For example can't find the CD, or strange errors when you press enter at the very first prompt.
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Boot freezes (after Unpacking hotplug firmware)

Post by e02mar » 04 Sep 2007, 16:51

My boot freezes after "Unpacking hotplug firmware..." is finished. What could be the problem?

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Post by spill » 06 Sep 2007, 07:49

if you could provide information about your computer ( desktop or laptop), memory, harddisk, add on cards, it will be easier to troubleshoot. oth

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Post by admin » 06 Sep 2007, 19:40

if you found the faultly driver/module you can prevent it to be loaded with:
rescuecd noload=X

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