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Postby Mike » 11 Sep 2004, 23:11

May I suggest including GParted ( as an alternative to QTParted. It's a relatively new project, but it's looking good at the moment.

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Postby admin » 13 Sep 2004, 08:15

It looks interesting. But it would require XWindow, and that's the problem. I don't want to add 150 MB software for the XWindow packages on the disc.



Postby zaheermk » 24 Nov 2005, 09:21

I am sorry. But I don't understand why wouldn't GParted, work when QtParted, works with the existing configuration. I feel whatever QtParted works with, GParted would also work. GParted is written in C++ and uses gtkmm as Graphical Toolkit. Dependencies for GParted are Parted >= 1.6.13 and Gtkmm >= 2.4.x. I feel it is always safer to stay with Gtk than Qt.

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Postby betenoire » 02 Feb 2006, 22:20

Gparted has its own livecd which is only 35 MB. Please, consider including Gparted as an alternative for Qtparted :)

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Postby coenocyte » 13 Oct 2006, 14:38

any updates on including gparted on sysrescd? seems like it's actively maintained w/ lots of different file system support. however, qtparted hasn't been as active.

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Postby sonicth » 13 May 2009, 05:09

I really liked that program! especially that it was in QT, which is much nicer iterface to use that GTK, (it should be called Geek toolkit... :D)

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