Boot problem on iBook G4

Questions about how to use the PPC version of SysRescCd.
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Boot problem on iBook G4

Post by pierremarie » 07 Dec 2007, 16:45


I'm using the ppc 0.2.0 version on an iBook G4, and each time I press enter at the boot terminal, it begins loading the kernel, then everything goes black and nothing further appears on the screen. I've tried some of the boot options advised for other folks, for instance
rescuecd ide=nodma
but every option I can come across is responded to with the error
cd:2,rescuecd: Unknown or corrupt filesystem.

any thoughts? Thank you in advance for your help or suggestions.

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Post by admin » 08 Dec 2007, 10:55

I am sorry, I have never worked on the PPC edition, so I really can't help you. You should try to download the iso file again, or to burn it on another media anyway.

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