Rescuing data from headless (damaged display) ibook

Questions about how to use the PPC version of SysRescCd.
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Rescuing data from headless (damaged display) ibook

Post by hajo » 06 Oct 2007, 03:54


the display controller of my wife's G3 ibook seems to be damaged (the display remains black). It boots the rescuecd and configures the network through DHCP though that it respones to ping requests. A portscan shows that all ports are closed.

Is this the default behavior of rescuecd? How can I found out whether it booted correctly? Does rescuecd play any sound after booting?

I want to rescue the data using ssh. Is there a way to start the sshd be default , logon from another computer using ssh and get root privileges afterwards?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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