Glitch in documentation and/or sysresccd-custom script

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Glitch in documentation and/or sysresccd-custom script

Postby hvergelmir » 23 Sep 2013, 22:26

Hi there,

the script calls

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df -m -P /mnt/custom
to get the free disk space, but this doesn't work with the method documented in How to personalize SystemRescueCd. When using bind-mounts, the output contains the line with the underlying physical device (or the NFS mount in the documentation), but the grep following the df call tries to make sure that the entry contains /mnt/custom which it doesn't in this case.

Either the documentation should be adjusted, or the script. Let me know if I can help with the script, for example.

I adjusted the grep to be

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grep "^/"

but that may not be necessarily the correct solution for all cases either.

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