setting the system time

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setting the system time

Post by webster5 » 18 Aug 2005, 23:28

One problem is that sysresccd assumes your local clock is
using UTC/GMT time. This is not normally the case
for me, as my clock is almost always going to be
using local time.

This has negative implications should you need to
create or write to files on a local hard drive.

Ideally there would be a prompt which
asks whether the clock is using local time or UTC time,
and also to prompt for what the local timezone is.

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Post by budee » 06 Apr 2009, 17:48

Well, one solution is to build a custom systemrescuecd[1], and change the line

Another solution would be to execute the following command after each boot:

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/sbin/hwclock --hctosys --localtime
Hope it helps, have a nice day,

[1] ... emRescueCd

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