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Post by twallace51 » 26 Feb 2014, 16:49

I would like to have the System Rescue leaders consider adding to the next SystemRescue version(4.0.2 ?), as an alternate to the already present.
See the link below to download and test the script.

In, I have made a number of chages which I hope will be considered improvements compared to

Specifically, it only runs in a system booted with System Rescue, ie initially with a SystemRescueCD.
It will then look for any unpartitioned drive it finds in a system, partition it using GPT, install Grub2 and System Rescue to the drive and then copy itself to the drive.
The drive can be any SATA or USB hard disk or a USB flash memory drive.
Rebooting with this drive, the user will have all the advantages of a customized System Rescue desktop, plus an easy way to clone System Rescue to any other
drive added later to the system, using
Note that this script is very safe, it will only install itself to a drive in which all partitions have been deleted beforehand and ~manually~ by its user.
Also note that the Grub2 menu items use UUID descriptors for partitions, allowing easy mixing and matching of drives in a system over time.
Finally, I wrote it for either fast automatic run, or interactive (debugging) mode, where the user can see the results of each section of the script.
In the Bash script itself, I tried to make it clearer the hows and whys of each section.

To test this script, I suggest using ISOMaster to add this script to a SystemRescueCD ISO file and burn the ISO to a CD using xfBurn.
Remove all drives from your computer, except one, a previously blanked out hard disk using gParted.
Boot with this new CD and at command prompt, enter

bash /livemnt/boot/

Thanks, in anticipation for any time spent in reviewing/testing this script and any comments that you might want to make.

Download script from: ... sp=sharing

Tim [email protected] Cochabmba, Bolivia

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