Scripts and ease of use

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Scripts and ease of use

Post by Linuxuser » 11 Sep 2013, 22:28

hello, want to suggest some things to improve the cd.

I assume that many people who use the cd will be still beginner, means do not know from head how to use as example the dd command.

So for this people it would be good to place some scripts or programs on the desktop which for example:

1. Install grub with a menu
2. repair windows as good as possible
3. burn an live disk of any kind
4. download install a different distribution.
5...- 110. to insert.

I think the sysrescd cannot be a full fledged os. Let alone gentoos habit to have to emerge and compile all packets yourself drastical limits new programs and the use on a slow connection.

So instead of extending the cd in the direction of a full os i would suggest to focus on its strength the repair and make it more easy to use.

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