Suggestion for restructuring SystemRescueCD

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Suggestion for restructuring SystemRescueCD

Postby jsbiff » 24 Aug 2004, 18:23

First off, I'd just like to say thank you for your work on SystemRescueCD. It looks like you put a lot of work into it, and it's very nice. But, anything can be improved of course. :lol:

I'm having a problem, and searching around the boards I've seen others running into it also. Namely, trying to boot using the cdcache option on a computer with 128M or less of RAM, which doesn't work, because the tempfs requires approx 100MB of RAM just to load files.

I would just like to suggest having the portion of the CD that absolutely has to be loaded all the time seperated into the ramdisk image, and then making other packages optionally loadable from the CD. That is, for example, if I'm not using Midnight Commander, PartEd, or any other application at a given time, it doesn't really need to be accessible as part of the root.

So, if you could make a *very* minimal linux root system that would then use some sort of package manager/script to load applications you want to use in a ram-drive filesystem, that'd be nifty, and allow those of us trying to boot on machines with smaller amounts of RAM to still eject the CD. This is important as some of us would like to eject the SystemRescueCD after boot and put in CD's that have partimage image files.

I know it would probably be quite a bit of work to restructure the CD like this, so I understand if this won't happen too soon, but if you can do it, it would sure be nice.

Jeff Schmidt

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Postby admin » 24 Aug 2004, 20:11

That would be a little useful, but a big part of work. I don't think I will have time to do this soon :(

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