Installing on usb stick

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Installing on usb stick

Post by Kicer » 25 Sep 2010, 06:22


Is it or is it gonna be possible to install SystemRescueCD on usbstick partition? current option with taking whole space isn't convenient for me.

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Re: Installing on usb stick

Post by gernot » 25 Sep 2010, 07:31

Its easy to do manual but its hard to make a script that match all cases.

Prepare your usbstick like you want.
Use fdisk to set the bootflag of the targetpartition.
use "ms-sys -s targerdrive" to write the MBR
use "syslinux targetpartition" to make a FAT-partition bootable.
use "sysresccd-usbstick copyfiles targetpartition" to install sysrcd files


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