Backstore vs Snapshots

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Backstore vs Snapshots

Post by marc8 » 27 Aug 2010, 11:53

Hi, I've been using Sysreccd since earlier versions with great satisfaction in every task, so thanks for all.

Now, I've got a suggestion about persistence: backstore works well, writing down every filesystem's change to the backstore device. Great if that device is an HD, but, we know, the USB keys/flash devices have a limited write cycle.

So, to preserve lifetime, it would be better to write "on-demand" the entire content of /livemnt/memory to the device. That's a snapshot.

The write process could be invoked by the user (after applying important changes for example) or done automatically at shutdown. Restoring the snapshot could be done at boot (using eventually a boot option) or by the user asking for a "rollback".

Snapshots could be more than one, allowing different scenarios to be rapidly deployed. Snapshots can be compressed to save space.

I've made some experiments, using cpio and gzip (/tmp/snap/ is my mounted snapshot device):

Take a snapshot:

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find /livemnt/memory/ -depth -print | cpio -oV | gzip -c - >/tmp/snap/snapshot.cpio.gz
Restore a snapshot:

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gunzip /tmp/snap/snapshot.cpio.gz -c | cpio -iudV
It seems to work, altought not deeply tested.
My suggestion is to consider implementing snapshots in newer versions (I can help).

Hope to be useful, bye.

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Re: Backstore vs Snapshots

Post by gernot » 27 Aug 2010, 21:00

thats a good idea for easy customicing.
I also like the actuel backstore because it saves much memory on older PC.


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