idea for easy customization using aufs

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idea for easy customization using aufs

Post by gernot » 22 Aug 2010, 15:52

Just an idea:
specifically for usbdevices it would be easy to customice the system using backstore.

I think customice like this:

boot the system with backstore
make the changes with backstore on
copy to sysrcd.custom

init shold aufs-mount sysrcd.custom readonly over sysrcd.dat while next boot.

One problem ist that sysrcd.custom shold be shrinked to minimum size and "version-critical" files shold be removed..

The advantage is that the system boots clean after every boot and is not growing each usage.


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Re: idea for easy customization using aufs

Post by dutchkind » 19 May 2012, 16:23

I was a Slax user before, but like the systemrescue cd much more. But one thing I miss is the possibility to load modules, just like this posts says. Being able to create a squashfs with the changes I make without having to re-compress the whole rescuecd again, but still having the advantage of a read only addition that returns to it's original state every boot. Wouldn't that be possible, load some squashfs module at boot with some boot parameter?

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Re: idea for easy customization using aufs

Post by admin » 29 May 2012, 17:20

This is a good idea and I will consider it for a later major release.

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