Suggestion: install SystemRescueCD on a partition on a USB s

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Suggestion: install SystemRescueCD on a partition on a USB s

Postby andrewm » 17 Jun 2010, 17:39

Just a suggestion for the future.
We appreciate the effort taken to streamline installation onto a USB stick.
...But with the relatively small space System Rescue CD needs and the continually dropping prices of large capacity USB sticks;
it would be nice to have a small RescueCD partition to boot a system in emergencies and the rest of the USB stick to store system specific critical files we'll need to restore the system.

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Re: Suggestion: install SystemRescueCD on a partition on a U

Postby admin » 17 Jun 2010, 18:06

You can at least store your own files on the FAT partition. If you want more protection you can create a loopback filesystem on the USB stick.

The USB installer only provides the most basic features in the current version, but a lot of customizations are possible if you understand how isolinux / grub work. It's perfectly possible to make two partitions on the USB stick: one FAT to boot sysresccd and another partition in any linux filesystem for instance. There is no documentation for such advanced usages yet, but if you understand isolinux/syslinux it won't be a problem.

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