wish: device image

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wish: device image

Postby joe_eis » 18 Nov 2008, 07:34


my wish is the tool "device image" in the sysreccd.
This is a commad line tool (zsplit, unzsplit), what workt like Ghost(R).

In different of other programms:
I can make a image from a hard disk, can splitt this to dvd size und can extract of a other hard disk, which can have a physical smaller size (of course not smaller like the used part of hard disk ;) ).

This tool is gpl.

best regards

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Postby joe_eis » 19 Nov 2008, 21:06

sorry, the link to this program:



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Postby Travis » 24 Nov 2008, 11:43

You can use the "dd" tool to do the very same; it's what I do.

Partimage is also found on the SystemRescueCD.

Yet, if we were going to add a separate tool into the mainstreem SysRescCD, I'd think clonezilla would make a magnificent installation; but dd and partimage are more than enough I believe.

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Re: wish: device image

Postby joe_eis » 23 Sep 2013, 14:56

No, dd-tool is verry different. dd is for cloning of partition or devise and is not or only with other tools useable by different harddrive architecture.
zsplit/unzsplit ist working like Ghost (R). It i making images. I can so copy a HD in a smaler HD.

If it this 2,5MB to much for the addition in sysrecuecd ... if it's not possible, then it's not possible.

But, I can download zsplit/unzsplit by device-image.de as static linked libraries, make a copy of this in the backups hardrive und start it from there.
It is also not nesserary to store in the rescue-cd. So I'm also free in using of rescue-cd like knoppix, trinity, ... ;-)

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