Shrinking SystemRescueCd 6

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Shrinking SystemRescueCd 6

Post by bugmenotplease » 18 May 2019, 10:45

I've found several ways to shrink SystemRescueCd 6:
  • Most people who use it don't need translated man pages and translated commands, so almost the entire /usr/share/locale directory might be wiped and all language specific directories under /usr/share/man/$lang. The former currently occupies more than 200MB.
  • I really doubt that more than a few people in the entire universe need /lib/firmware/netronome firmware for Netronome's line of Flow Processor devices. The said firmware occupies over 130MB!
  • /share/gtk-doc might be easily removed because I really doubt anyone will ever miss GTK documentation. 64MB of space freed.
  • Do we really need FLUID (FLTK User Interface Designer) on SysRescCD?
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Re: Shrinking SystemRescueCd 6

Post by gernot » 19 May 2019, 18:22

Yes, this is a very good idea,


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