rngd rng-tools for HWRNG support

Post there if an important software is missing and has to be added
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rngd rng-tools for HWRNG support

Post by malosasha » 15 Jul 2015, 07:20


When wiping a disk or preparing it for further encryption with cryptsetup it is particulary handy to use an hardware rng like Neug, onerng or truerng (closed source).
Those devices are seen like a serial port so the only piece missing in sysrescuecd is rngd from rng-tools.

It woul be great also to add the udev rules for those devices. here are those for the 3 mentionned above :

neug : http://no-passwd.net/askbot/question/45 ... my-debian/
onerng : http://onerng.info/onerng/
truerng : http://ubld.it/wp-content/uploads/2014/ ... -rules.zip

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