customized cd without wasting a cd-r

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customized cd without wasting a cd-r

Post by supermachoman » 20 Jul 2011, 04:17

In following the tutorial on the main page, it reccomends that you burn a copy of the sys rescue cd first before extracting and then customizing the filesystem. I figure most people probably won't plan on using the non-customized cd in the future, and unless they have a cd-rw around, they'll be just using a cd-r for no purpose. Why not make it doable from a usb flash drive which nearly everybody has.

It's almost the same, except that the script

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/usr/sbin/sysresccd-custom extract
doesn't work because it looks for "isolinux" instead of "syslinux"

From examining the script, all it would take (I think, never used shell scripting before) is a minor change to part of the do_extract() function
currently it is

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for curfile in /livemnt/boot/sysrcd.dat /livemnt/boot/sysrcd.md5 /livemnt/boot/isolinux/rescuecd
So modifying it to

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for curfile in /livemnt/boot/sysrcd.dat /livemnt/boot/sysrcd.md5 /livemnt/boot/isolinux/rescuecd /livemnt/boot/syslinux/rescuecd
would solve that problem

Somebody let me know if I'm wrong here. I did it myself manually; I didn't use the script.

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Re: customized cd without wasting a cd-r

Post by matthiasw » 20 Jul 2011, 11:29


I am facing a similar problem. I have also started playing around with custom CDs by creating a bootable CD-ROM. For not having to burn several CDs for nothing I did my installation on USB stick. I got the CD thing extracted on a local partition of my developer computer. I have changed few things on my USB stick.. but most if it goes into the sysrcd file.

What is the big difference between the isolinux and the syslinux folder/files?
I have also made some changes in the bootloader (under syslinux).
Will I be able to burn this on CD and get it working with syslinux?
I'll try to replace and rename my syslinux files in /customcd/isoroot and get the isogen done for the first.


PS: Where ist the sysresccd-custom located? I also call it from /mnt/custom/sbin but it does not seem to be there, is it? Is ist only a bash script?

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Re: customized cd without wasting a cd-r

Post by gernot » 20 Jul 2011, 15:29

syslinux.cfg and isolinux.cfg have the same format.

syslinux.cfg is used from ldlinux.sys while
isolinux.cfg is used from isolinux.bin.

to find a file in the path use "type command"
to find all other files "find path_where_begin_to_search -name file_to_find"


p.s. use a DVD+RW for testing. Its rewritable without erasing. growisofs -Z /devscd0=pat_to_isofile

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