[patch] pxe with tftp improvement

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[patch] pxe with tftp improvement

Postby maxx » 18 Apr 2011, 18:59

I posted this a while ago on the wrong board...

Hopefully here it is right and will be included in the next release...

In order to simplify booting sysreccd by PXE i made some improvements
to initram.igz:/init

With these changes you can simpify the pxelinux configuration when
using tftp:

Code: Select all

label mybootentry3
  kernel rescuecd
  append initrd=initram.igz dodhcp netboot=tftp
  ipappend 3

In this case the sysrcd.dat will be obtained from the same server/directory
where the kernel and initrd are.

--- BEGIN PATCH -------------------------------------------------------

Code: Select all

--- init_orig   2011-03-12 14:13:55.000000000 +0100
+++ init   2011-03-12 14:12:33.000000000 +0100
@@ -659,15 +659,20 @@
       sysresccd_panic "Cannot create tmpfs on ${BOOTPATH}"
-   if ! echo "${TFTPBOOT}" | grep -q '^tftp://'
+   if [ "${TFTPBOOT}" = "tftp" -a "${ip}" ]
+      tftpip="`echo ${ip} | cut -d: -f2`"
+      tftpurl="`dirname ${BOOT_IMAGE}`/${LOOPDAT}"
+   elif echo "${TFTPBOOT}" | grep -q '^tftp://'
+   then
+      url="$(echo ${TFTPBOOT} | sed 's!tftp://!!g')" # remote the 'tftp://' prefix
+      tftpip="${url%%/*}"
+      tftpurl="/${url#*/}"
+   else
       sysresccd_panic "You requested an tftp boot, the address is not a valid tftp:// url."
-   good_msg "Downloading ${LOOPDAT} from ${TFTPBOOT}"
-   url="$(echo ${TFTPBOOT} | sed 's!tftp://!!g')" # remote the 'tftp://' prefix
-   tftpip="${url%%/*}"
-   tftpurl="/${url#*/}"
+   good_msg "Downloading ${LOOPDAT} from tftp://${tftpip}/${tftpurl}"
    BOOTMD5=$(echo ${tftpurl} | sed -e "s/${LOOPDAT}/${LOOPMD5}/g") # URL of the md5 file
    cmd1="/bin/busybox tftp -g -r ${BOOTMD5} -l ${BOOTPATH}/${LOOPMD5} ${tftpip}"
    echo "$cmd1"
@@ -1321,6 +1326,12 @@
+      netboot\=tftp)
+         TFTPBOOT=`parse_opt "${x}"`
+         STAGE0='tftp'
+         NETCONFIG='1'
+         NONETMGR='1'
+         ;;
          NFSBOOT=`parse_opt "${x}"`

--- END PATCH ---------------------------------------------------------

I hope you will include this to upcoming releases.

Thank you


BTW. Busybox has a bug displaying the tftp progress bar, don't worry, the
file will be obtained correctly even if the status says "stalled".
--> I reported that bug and now it is fixed in the snapshot (already veryfied by myself)
and so it should be available in the next release (> 1.18.4).
Perhaps you can update busybox then?

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Re: [patch] pxe with tftp improvement

Postby maxx » 23 Jul 2011, 19:53

Nobody interested???

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Re: [patch] pxe with tftp improvement

Postby gernot » 23 Jul 2011, 20:32

Hello Max,
the pxebootserver prefill the pxelinux bootmenu with the correct serveraddress and boot source.
So normal no interaction is needful to boot via PXE.


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