Syslinux: Belgian keyboard mapping

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Syslinux: Belgian keyboard mapping

Post by dag » 28 Jul 2010, 20:13


I noticed that the Belgian keyboard mapping is empty (maps/be.ktl) and we have created our own be.ktl file that maps everything that is important (not having AltGR support makes it a bit harder). Not sure how I can commit it to the project (I didn't find an email or mailing list to send it to).

On the other hand, I would like to see the existing .ktl files committed to the syslinux project so other projects can make use of it. In fact it would be nice if all projects using syslinux would use the same (generated) syslinux.cfg snippet that exposes the keyboard mappings to the commandline, like:

menu begin keyboard
menu title Change Keyboard

label -
menu label ..
menu exit

label be
menu label BE keyboard (be)
kernel kbdmap.c32
append /syslinux/maps/be.kt


So people can simply type eg. "be" to get the Belgian keyboard (or select it from the menu). But since the script from syslinux doesn't do a good job in mapping special keys, having them included in the syslinux project will have more people improve them. Especially with c32 programs like hdt and rosh, where a fully working keyboard is appreciated.

Please contact me.

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