Request for documentation update (copy files to Windows PC)

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Request for documentation update (copy files to Windows PC)

Post by virtusdraco » 11 Feb 2010, 15:07

I just helped a friend recover files from a Windows system that would no longer boot.

Sending a link to my friend to the Chapter 21: Backup data from an unbootable Windows computer section of the documentation was helpful, but there were two things that would be helpful to update that document.

First, as of sysresccd 1.3.5, the syntax for ntfs-3g seems to have changed, and that command needs to be:

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ntfs-3g -o ro /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows
Also, this friend had another Windows XP PC on a home LAN and not a Linux PC so an enhancement to the document would be to add an alternate section discussing how to copy files from the dead windows box via sysresccd to a shared folder on another Windows PC.

The following walk-through via sysresccd worked for my friend (I had to give step by step commands via IM and over the phone). I'll provide the steps below as a template for adding a new section in this how to document for Windows XP:

(Assumes user has followed steps up to Step-3 in the documentation, including configuring an IP address on the PC running sysresccd with dhclient eth0 or something similar)

Share a folder on the destination PC with full access to all users.

Determine the IP address of the destination PC (go to network connetions, find the LAN connection, right click -- status, support tab on Windows XP)

On the system booted to sysresccd, to copy the Windows XP user account folder (which will include Desktop, My Documents, etc.) to the destination windows PC:

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cd /mnt/windows/"Documents and Settings"
smbclient //(ipaddress)/(sharename)
Password: (Press enter)
smb: \> prompt (to disable some prompts that may happen during copy)
smb: \> recurse (to allow recursive copy)
smb: \> mput "(username)"  (to copy the Documents and Settings/username folder recursively to the remote Windows PC)

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Re: Request for documentation update (copy files to Windows

Post by vanilla » 17 Nov 2010, 17:15

Since smbclient, smbget, are no longer included recent (like 1.6) versions of sysrescd, another way to transfer to/from windows-share is by mounting it, and if you need a resumable transfer for large files, use curl with file:// protocol (or maybe rsync for entire trees). I think example below is correct. Maybe this info could be added to the rsync page (last section 17 in documentation)? I did not use wget because I think it has a max file size of 2gig, but I'm pretty sure curl and mount -cifs do not have the 2gig limit, though older samba servers might. My example was to copy files from a windows-share, but you could copy to windows-share the same way if you have write permissions (-o rw) see the mount cifs man page.

Assume a windows (smb) share named "Shared" (from win, mac, or linux) is at host with a in the share owned by TheOwner. You can mount it easily. If a big local partition is mounted rw at /mnt/local you can use curl to do a resumable copy. In example below, the big local partition was ntfs at sda2 (found by using gparted).

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[email protected] /root %              cat /livemnt/boot/version

[email protected] /root %              mkdir  /mnt/share

[email protected] /root %               mount -t cifs  //  /mnt/share -o username=TheOwner

[email protected] /root %               mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/local

[email protected] /root %               cd /mnt/local/ 

[email protected] /mnt/local %       curl -C - -o  file:///mnt/share/

I think the resumable copy might work for nfs or any other mount types, as well.

P.S. It would be nice to add a link(s) to the forum and site missing (as of 2010-11-17) at:

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