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Contributions to wikipedia docs

Posted: 27 Dec 2009, 18:39
by AlBundy
Hi to all:

I have found some minor typos in wiki documentation, and I want to add some new page.

But edition of wikipedia is not possible. I am not a registered user, and the registration page does not work.

So these are my questions:
-is SystemRescueCD wikipedia open to anyone who wants edit it?
-is the registration page disabled for a specific reason?
-how can i register in the wiki?
-if the wiki access is restricted, how can i send patches to documentation?
-can i contact with the SystemRescueCD developers by e-mail?

-does exist some maillist in the SystemRescueCD project? (sorry, I dont like HTML forums).

Thanks and regards.

Re: Contributions to wikipedia docs

Posted: 11 Jan 2010, 20:49
by admin
Sorry for late reply.
Yes the mediawiki CMS is not editable by everybody. You can see that all the project that do that have 90% of modifications which are spam.
You can send me a private message on this forum, and I will create an account manually.