Trouble contributing at

Post there if you plan to contribute to this SystemCd
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Trouble contributing at

Post by Default23 » 25 Dec 2008, 04:47


I've been using this software in the past and find it very useful. However, I find that I cannot contribute to the Wiki at I would like to edit some of the instructions and add clarity to help other readers.

When I try to edit, it tells me that I must first register however it gives me no link to the registration page. ... :Userlogin

When I modify the url, and add Special:UserLogin&type=signup ... ype=signup
It tells me "To be allowed to create accounts in this Wiki you have to log in and have the appropriate permissions." How can I log in if I can't create an account? It keeps sending me in circles...

I tried using my login info from this forum, but it does not recognize it. Does the main site and the forums use different account systems?

Do I need special permission? Sorry If i missed anything, but these are serious barriers to possible contributions. Any help clarifying this would be appreciated.

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Post by n8bounds » 28 Dec 2008, 19:52

I noticed the same thing. I only assumed they didn't want help with the Wiki from us plebeian users. ;)

I've posted here some notes regarding the manual and they've changed them a little based on that in the past.

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Trouble contributing at

Post by smokinXP » 07 Feb 2009, 15:59

To Default23:

Same here (as you). I posted the SystemRescueCD Documentation topic here: Up to now, it's had 29 views and 0 replies (at least you got one, sorry two).

My guess is that help is appreciated but not unless you have something significant to offer.

Perhaps if one was to spend some time reading and posting in the forums and being generally helpful and knowledgeable, one might be invited to contribute?

Remember that open source is about what you put in, not what you get out.
Obviously, MS and other propriety types are in it for fame and fortune; GNU, Open Source etc. are not.

If I may suggest?
Try posting your offerings, publicly in this forum and see what others think of them...

smokinXP (I might just take my own advice, someday :))

P.S. Have you located the list of users that are allowed to edit? If not, then maybe you should look closer ...
I can tell you that there are 2 x Bureaucrat, Sysop users.
And, that at the time of this post, there are 11 valid user accounts for the wiki; I'm not one!

"Patience is a virtue"

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