added network boot via nfs and cifs/smbfs

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added network boot via nfs and cifs/smbfs

Post by jhepp » 26 Oct 2008, 20:29


I wrote a patch 'init-1-netboot.diff.gz' to the init script of the initial ramdisk to add booting the system rescue cd over a nfs exported filesystem or a cifs/samba share.
The kernel and the initial ramdisk are loaded as usual with e.g. etherboot.
The sysrc.dat file is mounted and not downloaded to speed up booting from the network.

Some files from the cdrom have to be copied to the initial ramdisk ('filelist').

The README file explains how to patch the initial ramdisk of the system rescue cd.

See for the files.



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Post by n8bounds » 12 Dec 2008, 21:01

Does this mean if the target machine loses it's network connection that it will crash? That would be a regression in my opinion...

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