Result from test quite good (NTFS AD 2000)

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Result from test quite good (NTFS AD 2000)

Postby leik » 13 Jan 2004, 23:19

I have tested to resize NTFS partition on Windows 2000 domain controller with qtparted (0.2.9 pre1 cd), then took backup with partimage to another scsi disk. Then deleted org partition, recreated with qtparted and restored the backup. The backup was also gzipped.

Result was first that qtparted put partition type to 83 linux, I am 90% sure I made it NTFS. And I forgot to set it bootable. But then Windows started, did at chkdsk and was ok again.

Fujitsu-Siemens L200 server with DTP raid controller. Two disks in mirror and one single JBOD for backup image.

I say that is very very good :) So Im not buying Ghost and Partition Image now...

Not good at coding, but will see if I can write a simple howto (for dummies like me:) to contribute to you good people out there !:)

Regard, lars_eik_at_siemens_com (dot)

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